Working with Tom Hanks, according to Gary Sinise, was awful—” He made my skin crawl.”
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Working with Tom Hanks, according to Gary Sinise, was awful—” He made my skin crawl.”

Gary Sinise, a name synonymous with integrity and advocacy for disabled veterans in Hollywood, has had his fair share of encounters with some of the industry’s less admirable characters. Among these, Tom Hanks stands out as the one he found most disagreeable.

In a one-on-one with ALLOD’s Tara Newhole, Sinise didn’t mince words about his discomfort around Hanks, stating, “He just gives me the creeps, there’s something not quite right about him.” When Newhole probed for more information, Sinise chose to remain tight-lipped, citing fears of potential backlash and quipping that he didn’t want to be “Clinton.”

Despite his fond memories of his role in the critically acclaimed Forrest Gump, Sinise expressed a wish for a different lead, suggesting Ben Stiller as a fitting alternative given his knack for embodying certain characters.

Even with his strong aversion to Hanks, Sinise found himself sharing the screen with him twice more, notably in Apollo 13 and The Green Mile. He felt somewhat comfortable during Apollo 13, thanks to the zero-gravity setting that restricted Hanks’ movements. However, he observed a tense dynamic between Hanks and Michael Clark Duncan in The Green Mile.

Investigations into the root of the negative feelings towards Tom Hanks among right-wing individuals uncovered links to unproven allegations associating Hanks with a supposed list of pedophiles circulated by a cult. It’s important to stress that these accusations lack any supporting evidence and are merely unfounded claims spread within certain circles.

In the absence of any factual backing, these sentiments appear to be fueled more by conspiracy theories than by reliable information. As with all baseless accusations, it’s crucial to treat them with a healthy dose of skepticism and to rely on verified sources for information.

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