The View’s Daytime Viewership Record Is Broken by Roseanne’s Show
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The View’s Daytime Viewership Record Is Broken by Roseanne’s Show.

Roseanne Barr’s career is seeing a significant revival, thanks to the success of her standup routine and a surge in podcast followers. Her eagerly awaited new show, currently being tested with audiences, has outperformed ABC’s “The View” in ratings, exceeding expectations on its second day.

Producer Joe Barron has noted a growing interest in authentic and honest television, a departure from the overwhelming influence of “facts” and “science” in daily life. The debut episode, titled “Are the Frogs Gay or Not,” delved into Alex Jones and his uncanny predictions. Despite Tucker Carlson later adopting a similar theme, the show still broke records on its second day with “The Joe Rogan Experience Explained.”

An Entertainment Correspondent emphasized the limitless possibilities in fictional television, citing Rosie’s plan to feature Obama showcasing newly-acquired boobs in an upcoming episode. The show, transitioning from imagination to reality, promises unique and unconventional content that sets it apart.

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