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The “Bubble Gum Music” by Taylor Swift is not eligible for consideration by the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Taylor Swift’s day just got downwards as the Academy of Country Music decided to cut ties with her. Adding to this, the Country Music Hall of Fame announced that her “bubble gum music” is no longer eligible for recognition.

Joe Barron, the Academy’s Sergeant at Arms, stated that Swift deliberately incorporated twangy songs to uphold her position in the Academy and win awards, irrespective of their merit. But without an Academy membership, she can no longer win awards or be assured of induction into the Hall of Fame, leading to a potential loss of a significant portion of her legacy.

Some believe that Swift is responsible for this situation due to her active role in promoting voting rights, which some view as an improper use of her influence. Critics argue that there should be repercussions for such behavior.

A museum visitor named Vince alleges that Swift’s involvement in the voting process influenced the election results. He questions the legality of her endorsement, especially if it contravenes the insurrection clause. Skeptics dismiss Swift’s supposed impact on the voter registration website, which led to its crash, as merely encouraging young people to register to vote.

Amid these controversies, the larger issue of voter registration is under scrutiny for its alleged detrimental effect on democracy, a viewpoint shared by individuals like Kari Lake.

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