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Reba gave Taylor Swift a hard time, saying, “I Saw You Drinking During the Anthem.”

Reba McIntyre gave a remarkable performance at the Super Bowl, representing her country by singing the National Anthem. Her style and grace allowed the song to be the highlight, rather than the performer herself.

McIntyre, absorbed in her performance, was observing the reactions of children in the audience on the jumbotron, as they grasped the magnificence of America. To her astonishment, the camera caught Taylor Swift laughing and drinking Jager bombs during the anthem, which McIntyre found extremely disrespectful.

Despite efforts to get a comment from Swift, there has been silence. However, Swift was unintentionally recorded on a hot mic at an after-party, labeling the Anthem as the “magic freedom song” and criticizing McIntyre’s singing as “below average.” She also drew a dubious comparison between McIntyre and amphibians, likening her to a frog.

Patriots deem the debate about whether Reba looks like a frog irrelevant, asserting that disliking her singing is akin to a lack of patriotism, possibly even failing to show respect during The Black National Anthem.

In retaliation, Reba confronted Swift about her behavior. This situation could potentially lead to an upcoming boycott against Swift.

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