According to Trisha Yearwood, Garth is “Lonely and Depressed” and “Finding Comfort in a Bottle
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According to Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brook is “Lonely and Depressed” and “Finding Comfort in a Bottle.”

Trisha Yearwood has disclosed that her husband’s self-imposed career downturn is affecting him deeply. Yearwood shared that he is grappling with emotional distress, experiencing feelings of sadness and isolation. She revealed to our Chief Entertainment Correspondent, “He spends a considerable amount of time in his bar, crooning sorrowful melodies and finding comfort in alcohol.”

Yearwood further detailed the unease Garth Brooks feels while sitting in a bar that should be teeming with customers but is now visited by only a few liberals who appreciate his “woke” position. She noted that when Garth proposes to play a song, they refuse, as they are not familiar with the music and see their spending as a means to ridicule MAGA supporters.

Moreover, Brooks staunchly declines to perform any Toby Keith songs, claiming that the late superstar “abandoned his Democrat roots,” a viewpoint that doesn’t resonate with the country music fans who visit the bar out of interest.

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