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Gordon Ramsay Accepts Roseanne’s New Show’s Weekly Appearances

Roseanne Barr’s forthcoming show is gearing up for a grand premiere this fall, coincidentally sharing the same time slot as “The View.” The show is set to deliver pioneering monologues, sharp political insights, appearances by conservative guests, and a unique weekly feature with Chef Gordon Ramsay, who is expected to grace our screens every Thursday to create a quick, light lunch dish.

Producer Joe Barron couldn’t hide his enthusiasm about having Chef Ramsay on the team, highlighting the extra dose of entertainment, especially considering Ramsay’s past dramatic exit from “The View.” Although Ramsay’s office hasn’t given an official nod to the deal, all signs are pointing towards it happening.

Chef Ramsay has already started shaking things up at his eateries, swapping appetizers for loose meat sandwiches as a nod to Roseanne Barr’s comedic genius. He’s even contemplating renaming the classic Beef Wellington to “Loose Beef Wellington,” featuring finely ground cuts of beef.

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