Garth Brooks is voting to be removed from the Academy of Country Music’s roster
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Garth Brooks is voting to be removed from the Academy of Country Music’s roster.

Garth Brooks has reportedly been stripped of his voting rights in the Academy of Country Music, as per insider sources just prior to the penning of this exclusive piece. The Board of Governors initiated a vote, calling for a membership quorum, and deliberations took place over whether a full-body vote should be conducted. CMA Comptroller Joe Barron stated, “We’re currently in the process of counting the results from all three ballots.”

Once the votes are counted, the decision will be final, and Brooks will be promptly asked to leave the tribal council area.

This expulsion is a rare event, with the only similar incident being Taylor Swift’s departure. Swift’s exit was unavoidable after she transitioned to writing more genuine music following her claim of roots in a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania.

Without his membership, Brooks loses the privilege to participate in voting processes and subsequent decisions. This includes votes on whether or not to conduct a vote, creating a complex decision-making web. Additionally, he loses other membership perks, such as a 20 percent discount at Golden Corral and a complimentary refrigerator magnet after three visits to Kid Rock’s Nashville Honky Tonk, where a three-drink minimum is enforced.

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