Kid Rock and Jason Aldean withdraw New York from the “You Can’t Cancel America” tour
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“We Support 45”: Kid Rock and Jason Aldean withdraw New York from the “You Can’t Cancel America” tour.

Kid Rock and Jason Aldean have announced the cancellation of all planned New York performances for their forthcoming “You Can’t Cancel America” tour. The tour’s website expressed solidarity with the 45th president, stating, “We stand with 45; therefore, we will not bring the tour to a state that has treated him unfavorably.”

The tour, which initially planned to host more than a dozen shows in New York, aimed to bring substantial economic benefits to local communities and offer a night of patriotism to Americans in what they termed a liberal environment.

Joe Barron, President of the Kid Rock Fan Club, expressed his disappointment over the missed opportunity, saying, “All of that’s gone now, thanks to New York. I had top-tier tickets for the West Plattsville Pig Roast, including floor seats and the opportunity to buy a commemorative popcorn bucket autographed by Kid himself for an extra $12.99. We’re quite disheartened.”

Several venues are also upset about missing the chance to host the year’s most anticipated tour. A prime example is the Brunswick near Cooperstown, which was scheduled to feature the tour during Cosmic Bowling, a popular event that attracts a large audience. Despite the setback, the local manager, Joe Barron, recognized the situation, stating, “We had everything set, including a rented stage. The local Little League team had sold raffle tickets with free entry, and we anticipated reaching the fire department’s 125-person capacity. While our local economy could have benefited from it, we understand the decision.”

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