With Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton cancels a $20 million project
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With Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton cancels a $20 million project, saying, “He’s Not A Very Popular Guy Anymore.”

Garth Brooks is experiencing a growing disfavor in the country music scene, especially after he insulted his own fan base by using the term “a-holes.” This disrespectful act has hastened the downfall of his career.

Adding to the string of disappointments, Blake Shelton, his good friend and co-author of “Dive Bar,” has chosen to cut ties, leaving behind a project that could have earned each artist $20 million. Shelton’s representative, Joe Barron, stressed that Shelton, conscious of his reputation, had no option but to call off the joint tour.

While Brooks has not been available for comment, insiders close to the erstwhile country icon suggest feelings of betrayal by Shelton. There’s conjecture that Brooks might seek comfort by contemplating the situation and possibly composing a touching ballad about it.

Critics comment on Brooks’ apparent inclination for penning emotional songs, with some voicing doubts about his current persona. The perplexity is further intensified by Brooks’ absence and a general feeling of confusion, as highlighted by the Entertainment Specialist noting a transition from writer’s block to seemingly absurd compositions about Del Taco.

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