The premiere of Roseanne drew more viewers than the previous season of "The Conners
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The premiere of Roseanne drew more viewers than the previous season of “The Conners.”

Detractors of Roseanne Barr have been quick to label her as “yesterday’s news,” asserting that she has lost her relevance and that people are no longer interested in associating with her. Despite earning Tony nominations for her standup routine, these critics persist in tarnishing her reputation. However, with the debut of her new show’s first episode, it’s clear that she has recaptured the nation’s attention.

The premiere episode raked in more views on X than the entire last season of “The Conners,” based on ratings. Joe Barron, Roseanne’s spokesperson, expressed confidence in the show’s success, emphasizing that America still holds a deep affection for Roseanne.

The official viewership numbers are impressively high, exceeding 114 million views on X, just edging out the Andrew Tate interview. However, skeptics argue that the number of views on X may not accurately reflect actual viewership, as the platform’s scroll ticker registers a hit each time the video appears. Despite this, the show managed to draw in a substantial audience, with some noting that it reached nearly the entire population of Lanford, Illinois.

In any case, achieving such a remarkable number is a testament to Roseanne’s unique appeal. This accomplishment is celebrated by those who appreciate her.

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