Alyssa Milano Says 'Elon Musk Ruined My Life And Career'.
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Alyssa Milano Says ‘Elon Musk Ruined My Life And Career’.

In an unexpected twist, actress and activist Alyssa Milano recently claimed that Elon Musk is responsible for all the misfortunes in her life. During an emotional Instagram Live session, Milano recounted an incident at a vegan coffee shop in Los Angeles where she mistakenly received Musk’s coffee. According to her, this seemingly innocuous event set off a chain of unfortunate occurrences.

Milano went on to describe subsequent mishaps, including her malfunctioning Keurig (which she suspects might have been a gift from Musk), aborted plans to test drive a Tesla, and her belief that she was destined to be SpaceX’s first celebrity passenger—only to be disappointed.

She further tied Musk to her troubles by suggesting his involvement in LA traffic, hinting at conspiracy theories related to his Boring Company. Milano even claimed that Musk’s tweets affected her cat’s behavior, speculating about secret signals to pets.

While Milano’s accusations against Musk may appear far-fetched, in an era where bizarre headlines dominate the news, distinguishing fact from fiction becomes challenging.

Interestingly, Musk, known for his active social media presence, has yet to respond to Milano’s claims. Perhaps he’s preoccupied with his next groundbreaking project, or maybe he’s simply contemplating life’s unpredictable twists while sipping his own macchiato.

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