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Kelsey Grammar and Woody Harrelson reunite on a tearjerking episode of Roseanne’s new show.

In a twist that could outdo any sitcom plot, Kelsey Grammar and Woody Harrelson, the legendary “Cheers” duo, recently crossed paths after more than a decade. Their last fleeting encounter was at an airport, and they hadn’t worked together since an episode of “Frasier” in early 1996.

This long hiatus was broken with a tearful reunion on Roseanne’s new show, prompting a wave of emotion from both her and the audience, who were scrambling for tissues.

Roseanne’s Production Manager, Joe Barron, described the moment as one of the most touching scenes he had witnessed. He emphasized the rarity of seeing two grown men openly expressing affection for each other, contrasting it with the camaraderie on “Survivor,” where such gestures are still common.

During their reunion, Grammar and Harrelson took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the good old days spent chatting with Sam, Carla, Norm, and the gang around the bar. Harrelson remarked that it felt almost as if they were back in those moments. Grammar humorously responded, “I’ll tell you what, Woody. I feel way more like I do now than I did back then.”

The two friends shared another hug, and as the camera panned back to Roseanne, they exchanged a tender kiss before playfully engaging in banter, much to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd.

Roseanne commented on their antics, suggesting that the duo would go to great lengths for attention, including publicly rekindling their hidden bromance. She acknowledged the changing times, expressing gratitude that such displays are more accepted in 2024.

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