Roseanne's First Musical Guest Will Be Oliver Anthony
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Roseanne’s First Musical Guest Will Be Oliver Anthony

Roseanne’s new show is all set to hit the airwaves. If all goes well, it should be broadcast by the dawn of next month. In a thrilling plot twist, the inaugural musical guest has been switched up…enter Oliver Anthony!

Anthony, who catapulted to fame with his chartbuster “Rich Men North of Richmond,” expressed his honor to be part of a show headlined by such a motivational figure:

“Roseanne has always championed the cause of the working-class individual,” he stated, “so it’s only appropriate that I grace her show. I’m contemplating gifting her some fudge rounds as a gag.”

Roseanne would undoubtedly get a kick out of that, given her long-standing portrayal of a hard-grafting mom in a blue-collar world. “The Conners never relied on welfare,” she declared, “Dan and I busted our chops to feed those ungrateful little devils,”

Roseanne’s pivot towards conservatism might seem contradictory to everything we’ve come to associate with her, and her newfound patriotism is a far cry from the crotch-grabbing, bird-flipping rendition of the National Anthem she performed ages ago. But that’s precisely why we adore her. Her capacity for transformation is second to none.

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