Her peers selected Whoopi Goldberg as the “Most Hated Person in Hollywood.”
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Her peers selected Whoopi Goldberg as the “Most Hated Person in Hollywood.”

Once upon a time, Whoopi Goldberg was the toast of Tinseltown, lauded for her performances in cinematic gems like “The Color Purple” and “Ghost,” not to mention her recurring role in Star Trek. She even tickled the funny bones of Jerry Lewis with her stand-up routines.

But then she joined “The View,” and her star began to dim. In a twist worthy of a Hollywood drama, she was recently crowned “the most disliked person in Hollywood” by her colleagues. According to Joe Barron, a former producer, the show is now so desperate for guests that they resort to coaxing anyone in town for filming, as locals flatly refuse to participate.

The damning verdict was initially shared in a private journal among Screen Actors’ Guild members, but like all juicy gossip, it soon found its way online, earning a notorious reputation. 82 percent of respondents gave Goldberg the thumbs down, primarily blaming her “nasty disposition.”

The poll was then passed on to SAG’s Conservative Committee for a vote. Scott Baio kicked things off by proposing the motion, and James Woods quickly seconded it. The remaining six actors present were unanimous in their decision, with Kevin Sorbo casting a proxy vote. Roseanne Barr, ever the firecracker, sent in her vote from her current location, while Clint Eastwood, the lone voice of dissent, blamed his opposition on technical difficulties with Zoom.

In the cutthroat world of Hollywood, maintaining a positive reputation among peers is a Herculean task, especially when opinions within one’s circle turn sour. Perhaps it’s time for Whoopi to consider taking a bow and starting afresh. After all, everyone loves a good comeback story, right?

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