Rob Schneider and Roseanne Barr Are Interested in Working Together on a Show at Fox
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Rob Schneider and Roseanne Barr Are Interested in Working Together on a Show at Fox: “It’s the Ideal Fit”

Following the considerable success of Roseanne Barr and Rob Schneider on Fox Nation, talks are in progress between the pair and the parent network about a joint show.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Joe Barron expressed his excitement for the potential project, stating, “We would be thrilled to welcome them as they are currently some of the most prominent figures in comedy.”

Schneider, recognized for his anti-woke position that has earned him numerous standing ovations, voiced his eagerness about the prospect of collaborating with the highly skilled Roseanne.

For Barr, the attraction lies in working with individuals not linked with ABC or “The Conners.” She jokingly commented, “It’s been so long since I last collaborated; I’m not sure if I remember how to.”

Barron underscored the network’s strong interest in realizing this collaboration, noting that occasionally, opportunities present themselves to unite extraordinary minds, and in this instance, they hope something remarkable will result from these two experienced entertainers.

The network’s dedication to the concept is clear in their readiness to offer the duo a significant compensation package, which, according to sources, includes not only covering parking costs but also providing a voucher for the lobby’s sandwich vending machine. Barron stated that the compensation was more than just for the chance to explore the collaboration.

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