Garth’s New “Friends in Low Places” Bar Is a Flop
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“I’ll Probably Just Close It”: Garth’s New “Friends in Low Places” Bar Is a Flop

Garth Brooks encountered significant delays in launching his new bar in Nashville, “Friends in Low Places,” mainly due to construction hold-ups after an investor pulled out. The bar’s opening was a letdown. Brooks performed on the inaugural night, but it was the least attended event he had seen in years.

Since that night, Brooks hasn’t made a personal appearance at the bar, and his absence hasn’t notably affected the footfall. The Club Manager, Joe Barron, voiced his discontent, stating that he regrets leaving Kid Rock’s establishment for this venture every day.

Brooks is contemplating shutting down the bar and moving forward, expressing, “Nashville clearly doesn’t need me anymore.” He’s considering trying his fortune in Hollywood.

While the narrative seems intriguing, our Musicalistical Journalisticator found it challenging to verify the specifics. Efforts to gauge the poor attendance and uninspiring experience were obstructed as the live scene spilled over to the Johnny Cash Museum, suggesting the story’s likely authenticity. This inability to observe the low turnout firsthand indicates a potentially critical situation within the bar.

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