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Jimmy Kimmel is suspended by NBC and fined $500K because “he crossed the line.”

In a twist that could outdo any late-night comedy skit, Jimmy Kimmel, who saw himself as merely “defending himself” against Aaron Rodgers’ truth bombs, found himself in hot water with NBC. According to NBC’s Executive Mouthpiece Joe Barron, Kimmel was slapped with a two-week suspension without pay and a hefty $500,000 fine. This disciplinary action was triggered by a clause in his contract, allowing NBC to crack the whip if Kimmel ruffled the feathers of the Maga crowd.

Kimmel had agreed to this clause in his contract the previous year, a decision influenced by the fallout faced by others who had irked the right, exemplified by the Bud Light incident. Barron emphasized NBC’s commitment to avoiding becoming a mirror image of those they disagreed with.

Whispers are circulating that many bigwigs in Hollywood, professional sports, and the music industry are being strong-armed into signing similar contracts to dodge backlash from influential figures such as Kid Rock, Charlie Kirk, and individuals who wear their controversial views like a badge of honor.

Our Correspondelator confirmed the prevalence of “anti-woke” agreements across various professional contracts, noting that unless one is applying for specific roles like a kindergarten teacher or a librarian with a penchant for the inappropriate, being “woke” is generally given the thumbs down.

This assertion isn’t just hot air, as even the author of the article, identified as a journalisticator, revealed being under a non-woke agreement. The management apparently expressed concerns about his level of patriotism, a sentiment he brushed off.

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