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Producers of “Fox NFL Sunday” are concerned that there aren’t enough awkwardly standing men in their 50s to 90s on the broadcast

In a move that could only happen in the world of sports broadcasting, Fox NFL Sunday producers expressed concerns on Monday about the broadcast lacking a sufficient presence of 50-to-90-year-old men standing awkwardly. Executive producer Bill Richards emphasized the need for a variety of men in navy and black suits, both grinning and grimacing, stating that the program must significantly increase the number of men appearing onscreen to maintain its status as the most-watched NFL pregame show. Richards insisted on having old, retired players and coaches exhibiting characteristic movements like shifting their weight, crossing and uncrossing their arms, scratching their faces, and struggling with eye contact. The network later announced that any man over 50 or experiencing a receding hairline would be allowed to be on set during broadcasts, provided they wear a suit and tie.

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