Beyoncé’s application for membership in the Academy of Country Music is denied: “We mistook her for a joke.”
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Beyonce membership application in the Academy of Country Music is denied: “We mistook her for a joke.”

Beyonce Knowles, known for her impressive Grammy collection, has shown interest in exploring country music. However, Beyonce membership application was turned down by the Academy of Country Music (ACM), citing doubts about her motives.

Joe Barron, the ACM Executive Director, expressed astonishment, saying, “Frankly, we thought it was a joke. Just releasing a song with a country feel and planning an album doesn’t make her one of us.” The ACM remains unconvinced by Beyonce’s Texan origins or her genuine love for the genre, dismissing these aspects.

Without ACM membership, Beyonce’s membership eligibility is denies for ACM Music Awards, and she might miss out on opportunities like performing at the Grand Ole Opry. She is also barred from events such as members’ night at Kid Rock’s Nashville Honkytonk, Golden Corral’s 10% discount, and early access to the annual Bass Pro Shop gun safe sale.

Some, like a man named Lou met at a Galveston 7-11, consider this setback a significant blow to Beyonce’s country music ambitions. Despite Lou’s dubious credibility, his viewpoint highlights the potential impact on Beyonce’s position in music history.

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