Garth Brooks should retire, says Lee Greenwood in an epic roast, because “he’s embarrassing himself.”
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Garth Brooks should retire, says Lee Greenwood in an epic roast, because “he’s embarrassing himself.”

Lee Greenwood, a respected name in the country music scene, couldn’t resist sharing his opinion that Garth Brooks might want to think about hanging up his cowboy hat. Greenwood voiced his concern that Brooks is currently “making a spectacle of himself,” noting that Brooks seems to be greeted with a chorus of boos every time he steps on stage.

Greenwood pointed to events like the festival in Hambriston, Texas, a surprise appearance and subsequent disappointing exit in Oklahoma, and a tough gig for Carrie Underwood, who joined him on stage only to find the crowd’s reaction less than welcoming.

Country music guru Joe Barron noted that Brooks has seen a significant dip in his industry standing, sliding from the top of the charts to a less enviable position. Barron quipped that Brooks’s only remaining claim to fame is that some baby boomers mistakenly credit him with the song “Achy Breaky Heart,” a situation he finds rather sad to observe.

Despite Greenwood’s harsh words, Brooks has remained silent on the matter.

Newhole says Brooks rarely responds to criticisms from those she dismissively labels as “right-wing nutjobs.” Newhole suggested that many of these alleged incidents are likely blown out of proportion or completely made up.

Newhole didn’t mince her words, stating, “No, you fool. None of it happened at all, and you’re well aware of it. You just can’t stop fabricating stories.” She also voiced her disappointment with this year’s Christmas bonus, which swapped the expected Jelly of the Month Club for Target gift cards, a choice she jokingly compared to stepping into the devil’s den.

In a tongue-in-cheek comment, Newhole voiced her worry about coming out as gay, given the ironic twist of her situation.

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