Neuralink trans plant patient can control computer mouse by just thinking
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Neuralink transplant patient can control computer mouse by just thinking. Elon Musk Says.

A human trial participant, implanted with Neuralink brain chip, has demonstrated the ability to control a computer mouse using only their thoughts. This remarkable feat was accomplished approximately a month after the chip’s implantation.

The billionaire announced that the patient had made a complete recovery after getting the implant a month ago. The founder of the neurotech company made these assertions during an X Spaces event on Monday.

This isn’t merely about navigating cursors on screens. It’s about providing individuals, especially those with paralysis, the capability to use their cognitive abilities to interact with a variety of technological devices. Imagine composing an email, playing a video game, or even operating a car, all by merely thinking about it!

In January, Neuralink declared that it had effectively implanted its brain chip technology into the first patient, a feat that builds upon years of research from academic institutions and other firms. This technology aims to connect human brains to computers to tackle human diseases and disabilities.

Before the chip was implanted in the patient, Neuralink obtained the Food and Drug Administration’s approval to implant brain chips into humans. They also received approval in September to begin recruiting for the first human clinical trial.

The prospects of this technology are promising. Musk envisions Neuralink facilitating quick surgical insertions of its chip devices to treat conditions like obesity, autism, depression, and schizophrenia.

This breakthrough underscores the potential of human creativity and the power of technology. As we continue to push the limits of what’s possible, we inch closer to a future where our thoughts can directly interact with the digital realm. The possibilities are limitless, and the future is thrilling.

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